It was the day when B&M had another challenge to face. It was not that easy, because our deadline was fixed to a very shorter period. The project was to make a documentary film on saving rivers with an alternate product of M Sand.

The challenge was to shoot the quarries and factories, Finalize the script, Undergo Voice Over, BGM and Editing. We were given only 3 days of time. A proper strategy can make any kind of a work easier with an efficient team. Our well trained team under the complete guidance of our Creative Director who’s also a Cinematographer was able to shoot a wide range of sectors in one day. With our experienced Co-Ordinator, Admin Head and Script Writing we were able to get the script ready with no delay and the Voice Over of a professional female artist, though the artist was not available in town that day. With our expertise Video Editors, we were able to complete the project on time with a total gratified state of our client.

This is how our Brand and Marketing Strategy works. On making the strategy and plan clear on every aspect of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing, we get the best result out in promoting our Customer’s Brand Identity and Brand Communication, Industrial Photo and Video Shoots, Corporate Video Making and Commercial Ad Making.

Coming back to our story, all the activities were done in just 3 days which gave a greater recognition to our customer SMM Equipments Pvt. Ltd., in the conference held by the Tamilnadu Mining Association at Codissia in the month of January 2020.We never let success go away from the client as well as from B&M no matter how critical the situation is. LOL – The fund was also released on time which is another challenging part of every business.

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Dench Union, the trendsetter of Denmark Fashion in Coimbatore is a tough client who never compromises with creativity. Though being known for so many years he never easily came to us.


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